Rancho’s Office is staffed and will continue to provide Essential Services* to our student community. We are not open for walk-in services at this time.

*Essential Services:

  • Providing school employees access to buildings, as needed
  • Providing students/parents access to material(s) a teacher has asked them to pick up from campus








Is your child having technology troubles?

Mrs. Lockliear, our amazing librarian, has set up a chat room for students needing help with digital resources. It's available at https://destiny.iusd.org/. Please choose "Rancho" from the list of schools, then click the "Chat with Mrs. Lockliear" link. No sign-up is necessary to access the chat. It will be monitored from 8am - 2pm every day.


For the most up-to-date information on IUSD’s response to COVID-19, please visit IUSD’s COVID-19 Resource Page.


Student Support

Your teachers will be available for communication as they would on any school day. Please use our Rancho Staff Directory, or other means your teachers may typically communicate through. Our Counselors are available to support students and are staying connected, as well. Please reach out to Mrs. Arushi Amadi (7th) or Mrs. Sheray McKeown (8th), as needed.


As you are well aware, our middle school students vary developmentally in their level of independence, social and emotional well-being, and ability to manage unstructured time and stress. While we are being very cognizant to not overwhelm them, we want to be proactive and anticipate support for you in the event that it becomes too overwhelming, for whatever reason, at home. Below are some resources that might be helpful:

  1. Tools for Self-Care: Self-care Toolkit at Gritx.org
  2. Tips for Managing Anxiety and Stress: How Centers for Disease Control Help Page for Managing Anxiety and Stress Over the Coronavirus
  3. How to talk to Children about COVID-19: For “Talking to Children About COVID-19 (Coronavirus): A Parent Resource”, go to Talking to Children About COVID-19 or https://bit.ly/3d71VgT
  4. Tips for coping with stress: SAMHSA Fact Sheet with tips for coping with stress during an infectious disease outbreak: Coping With Stress During Infectious Disease Outbreaks
  5. Helpful coping strategies: Coping Strategies
  6. 30 Activities we can do for our emotional health: 30ThingsWeCanDoForOurEmotionalHealthSELResourceSheet.pdf


Seeking Community Mental Health Providers

As a reminder, please access your regular mental health provider for support. If you have private insurance, consider calling your carrier for a referral list that matches your child’s needs.

For those who are seeking alternatives, here are some on-line therapy options:

  1. Good Therapy: https://www.goodtherapy.org
  2. Talkspace: https://www.talkspace.com
  3. BetterHelp: https://www.betterhelp.com

The above list is not a comprehensive list of providers in Orange County and is NOT a formal referral from IUSD. Please use discretion in selecting a mental health provider.