Attendance will be taken and reported to the office each class period. When a student is going to be absent, his/her parent or guardian should phone the Attendance Office at 936-6501 by 9:00 AM each day of the absence. If a parent is calling to report an absence and receives the message machine, he/she should give the student's full legal name, the date, and reason for absence.

Excused Absences are granted for:
· Personal illness
· Doctor or dentist appointment
· Death of immediate family member
· Religious holiday

Unexcused Absences are granted for:
· Family business
· Family illness or help at home
· Family travels during school days
· Athletic competitions

Notes, such as a doctor's note, must be submitted within three days of the absence to excuse the absence.

Extended Family Travel

We  offer Independent Study contracts for students who will miss 5 or more days due to family travel.  Please speak with your child's counselor at least 10 days before you plan to depart so there is time to complete a contract (required).   

Students with three or more unexcused absences or a total of ten absent days altogether will receive a Student Attendance Review Board (SARB) letter which will put the student’s attendance on watch for the remainder of the year.


Students are responsible for being on time to class each period and being prepared with their materials. When students are detained by a staff member, they should obtain a written pass BEFORE THEY GO TO THEIR NEXT CLASS.  If they do not have a note from a teacher, they will be marked tardy.

For every three tardies a student accrues for a class during a trimester, the student will earn a detention.  Further consequences such as Saturday School will ensue should the behavior not be corrected.  Excessive tardies to Zero Period P.E. may result in removal from the class as well as an elective.

Signing Out Early

Students who need to be dismissed from school early must notify their teacher ahead of time.  When the parent/guardian arrives in the Front Office, a pass will be sent for the student’s dismissal.  All parents must sign their children out of school in the front office before leaving with their child.