Personal / Social


School counselors provide counseling sessions in individual and small-group setting to help students overcome issues impeding achievement or success, including difficulties dealing with relationships, personal concerns, or normal developmental tasks. Counseling is planned, goal-focused, and it is short-term in nature. School Counselors do not provide therapy or long-term counseling in schools to address psychological disorders.

Available supports:

  • Help students navigate through friendship changes
  • Encourage and support student advocacy with teachers
  • Provide individual interventions for personal challenges with family or private life (divorce, grief, health, self-esteem, etc.)
  • Crisis Interventions (anxiety, behavior management, risk assessments)
  • Group Interventions (counseling, conflict mediation, substance abuse information)
  • Act as a student support liaison and case carrier for students with Section 504 Accommodation Plans
  • Promote school-wide kindness through the "No Place For Hate" movement
  • Organize field trips to promote social and cultural growth
  • Collaborate with stakeholders and initiate referrals to community resources


There are many resources at Rancho to support students and families.

  • Contact your students' Counselor
  • Mental Health Specialist supports families with consultation, short-term counseling, crisis counseling/intervention, resource linkage for families. 
  • Irvine Family Resource Center


School Counselors support the mental and emotional well-being of all students. Additional information will be shared with students through Canvas, but try the following suggestions to get started on creating your wellness:

Personal Wellness

  • Do something relaxing
  • Be creative
  • Talk to someone you trust
  • Start a personal hobby
  • Write a list of what you're thankful for

Physical Wellness

  • Get enough sleep
  • Eat nutritious food and drink water
  • Exercise or participate in sports
  • Take care of yourself as hygiene is important

Social Wellness

  • Join a club
  • Connect with family/friends
  • Volunteer