Student Enrichment Activities

Please check out these great extra - curricular activities! 

lunchtime activities 2023-2024

Interest Description Duration Day(s) of the week Location
Animation To watch and have conversations about animated shows and movies. Once a week Thursdays F2
BSU An affinity group aimed at giving voice & agency to black students at Rancho. Once a week Thursday  F7
Chess  A fun space where students can practice and hone their chess skills.  Once a week Monday B3
Comic Book Making  Students who would like to practice their artistic abilities and create comics! Once a week Wednesday F6
E-Sports (gaming) This is for gamers! Come at lunch to meet and play your favorite games! Once a week Friday` J2
GSA  An affinity group that creates a safe place for students to share and discuss common interests. Once a week Wednesday P1
Jesus group To create a welcoming space where we'll build friendships, find encouragement, and explore how to live with kindness and love. Once a week Wednesday B6
K-Pop  We want to spread our love for K-Pop and be able to talk to others about things we have in common. Once a week Wednesday F2
Musical Ensemble To be in a band for all instruments, including vocals!  Once a week Friday A8

National Junior Honor Society

For information: NJHS website

Apply here: Interest Meeting/Application Information

Members qualify based on scholarship, leadership, citizenship, service and character. Students will complete individual and group service projects for the school and in the community. Multiple times per week Mondays & Thursdays G2
Programming  Create a community centered around programming games. Once a week Thursday B6
Taylor Swift  A fun place to hang out and talk about Taylor Swift. Once a week Wednesdays H4

Middle  School Programs - City of Irvine

The goal of the Middle School Program is to engage youth in positive social-recreational activities during non-school hours. Students are encouraged to participate in program activities that focus on community service, personal skill development, and social recreation.  Services are provided in cooperation with the Irvine Unified School District.

Check out these fun activities run through the City of Irvine - Middle School Programs.

Middle School Programs | City of Irvine

Contact: Trevor Landrigan:


Academic Teams

Math Counts Team - Contact: Ms. Sarah Armstrong - 949-936-6531

Science Olympiad Team - Contact: Ms. Paige Morris - 949-936-6550

Spelling Bee - Pam Lockliear - 949-936-6515


Homework Huddle

Need extra help on homework? Maybe you'd just like a quiet place to study. Come check out Homework Huddle!

Homework Huddle is held after school Tuesdays and Thursday from 3:00pm - 4:00pm in room C6.