Health Office

There is a first aid kit in each classroom so teachers can care for minor "band-aid" needs. If students become ill or need medical care that cannot be handled in the classroom, they must get a note from the teacher and report to the office. If school personnel assess your child and determines your child needs to be sent home, parents will be contacted and it is expected they arrive in a timely manner so the child can be dismissed.

  • Students are not to have any medication in their possession, including aspirin. If it is necessary for students to take medication during school hours, obtain the proper forms from the office and have them completed by parents and a physician. All medications must be in the prescription bottle and will be administered according to the physician's directions
  • If a child is injured and needs crutches, a doctor’s note of authorization will be required. The doctor’s note must be submitted to the health clerk or nurse prior to the student using the crutches on campus.