Dress Code

All students are required to attend school and school activities dressed in a manner that is conducive to and promotes a positive learning environment. Appropriate school dress and personal appearance is clean, is not hazardous to student safety, and does not disrupt instruction. Refrain from wearing the following unacceptable clothing items:


* Clothing with gang affiliation

* Clothing with racially, ethnically, or sexually degrading slogans/images

* Clothing with inappropriate, obscene, or profane language

* Clothing which exposes undergarments

* Clothing displaying or referring to illegal activities, substances or violence

* Flip-flop shoes without a sturdy sole and/or is fewer than 1/2 inch thick

* Pants worn below the hip (sagging)

* Tops with no straps, spaghetti straps, or halter-style tops

* Tops that do not remain in contact with waistline of bottoms (bare midriffs)

* Shorts or skirts that are appropriately fitting and allow for participation in daily school activities

* Clothing considered undergarments or sleepwear

* Absence of shoes


This list is in alignment with district board policy.